OpenAI New Sora Video to Promote TED Talks – Going Viral

OpenAI’s upcoming video generation tool, Sora, has recently showcased a new video that offers an intriguing glimpse into the future of TED Talks through a unique first-person view (FPV) drone ride. While the full release of Sora is slated for later this year, this preview demonstrates its potential to transform video creation, especially by making advanced effects more accessible.

The video, a collaborative effort between OpenAI, TED Talks, and filmmaker Paul Trillo, who has been experimenting with Sora since February, features a thrilling fly-through of futuristic conference settings, unusual laboratories, and even underwater tunnels. This showcases not only the creative possibilities of Sora but also its ability to simulate complex cinematographic techniques that typically require sophisticated drone piloting skills and expensive equipment.

However, the video also highlights some of Sora’s current limitations. The brief appearances of people and unsettling elements in the background point to the challenges of achieving realistic human representation and maintaining continuity in dynamic scenes. These factors contribute to a surreal viewing experience that can feel both exhilarating and slightly disorienting.

In a discussion with Business Insider, Paul Trillo shared insights into his process as an alpha tester of Sora. He emphasized the importance of specific prompts like “35 millimeter,” “anamorphic lens,” and “depth of field lens vignette” to steer Sora away from generating overly digital-looking outputs. He likened using Sora to operating a slot machine, where inputs are mixed unpredictably, and noted the tool’s lack of a real physics engine, which affects the realism of interactions such as glass shattering.

OpenAI has acknowledged these limitations, pointing out that Sora does not yet accurately simulate the physics of many basic interactions, which currently restricts its use to short-form videos rather than full-length movies.

Despite these challenges, the potential of Sora to democratize high-quality video effects and open up new creative possibilities is clear. As OpenAI moves closer to the public launch of Sora in late 2024, the anticipation for what this tool can achieve continues to grow, spurred by previews like this innovative FPV drone-style video.

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