OpenAI Just Released Music Video Generated by Sora – That’s Like a Dream

OpenAI has just released a special music video made with a new tool called Sora, an AI that can create videos from just a few words. This technology is still pretty new and only a few people have gotten to try it out. It’s exciting because it can turn what someone imagines into a video, something that was hard to do before.

One of the first people to use this new tool is August Kamp, an artist who makes music, studies, and fights for creative causes. The video, named “Worldweight,” shows the pictures August had in her mind while making her music. She thinks this AI tool is a big deal for artists because it lets them show their ideas directly to people.

The video “Worldweight” feels like a dream, taking you into a world where it’s raining and you’re all alone, thinking deeply while listening to soothing music. August says making this song was very special to her. It was a rainy evening when she first played the music, and it felt like she could put her feelings into the song.

OpenAI’s leaders have said that Sora might be shared with everyone later this year. Other companies are also making similar AI tools for videos, but OpenAI is careful about making sure their AI is safe and doesn’t spread false information, especially with big elections coming up.

Sora is exciting because it can make long videos from a short text. It’s different from other video tools that can’t keep their videos looking the same for very long. August is excited to see what new kinds of art and stories people will make with tools like Sora.

As OpenAI works on making Sora safe for everyone, artists are looking forward to using it to bring their wildest dreams to life in videos. This could start a new way for artists to share their thoughts and stories with the world.

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